Good thoughts and Surrender exercises. Eric Butterworth

become things… choose the good ones!

Sit quietly and comfortably. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breathes, and become relaxed in body and mind. Imagine that you are in a sitting position on the edge of a crystal lake. You see the reflection in the lake of the hills, trees and the clouds overhead. Just experience the beauty and freshness of the scene.

Now lean over a little until you see the reflection of your own face; smile and see the image smile back at you. Reflect on that smiling image, and as you do, see the image change in appearance and become radiant with light. Now see the image take the form of a wise old sage who is looking at you with tenderness and love. Just relax and experience that flow of love and understanding.

Talk to the sage of the lake about whatever is important in your life. Talk especially about your relationships- your relationship with yourself as well as with others- and be aware of the conflicts and problems. Ask the sage in the lake about anything that seems important. Feel the answer come understandingly back, truly "see" the problems of conflicts resolved, and envision the steps that will cause this to happen.

Now go back to the sage in the lake with eyes closed again- and see the appearance change back to your own reflection. Feel good about the fact that the sage in the lake is really you in your transcendent self. Feel grateful that you can communicate with this sage at any time. Know that it is a Presence that is always present. Know that it is a divine flow of love that is always loving you, always a warmth of love in you, always a love force ready to flow forth to have anyone whose life may touch yours.

Gradually, at your own pace, and holding to the awareness of being in the flow of love, being aware once again of the reflections of the clouds and trees and hills in the peaceful lake, and of yourself sitting by it…..And let the lake and its surroundings disappear.

Surrender to your Spirit.
Find a comfortable position and reflect upon the things, situations and persons that have some kind of control over you. Remain aware of your feelings of anger, fear or helplessness.
Now disidentify- that is visualize yourself sitting in a chair, in front of yourself. Say to yourself, "Why am I holding on to things, rather than the other way around?
I always have a choice, and I choose to Let Go. I am free to experience my creative genius/positive life. Now consciously loosen your grip and let go.
Feel the joyous upsurge of "Aaah!"

The Creative Life
Eric Butterworth


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